Nooksack Valley Boys Basketball

Hey All,
Feel now is as good a time as any to push out good news and information. We have some great opportunities for everyone to improve as a basketball player and athlete.
We will continue to have the gym open from 6am-7am (M/W/F @ the High school and T/Th @ the Middle School). This is a great time to get more shots at game speed. Lifting will continue at the high school (T/Th or W/F). This is a great opportunity to become a better all around athlete.
This week we have 7 players put in a total of 17 hours in the gym getting up game speed shots and working on individual skills. We also had 7 players in the weight room for a total of 14 hours working speed and strength development.
Our program is built off Trust, Discipline and Joy. Lets be great teammates this week by showing up, working hard and being positive.
Embrace the Challenge!
Coach Skillman